Our Story

Founded by Dr. Andrew Chiew in 2017, SweetLifez has helped more than 2000 patients to achieve a sweeter life by:


Focusing on the root cause of diseases

Why treat symptoms of diseases when you can treat the root cause of them? While some treatments can be helpful, they only serve as a temporary measure since they are mostly symptomatic treatments. Some of these treatments might actually make situations worse.

Using advanced, non-invasive medical technology

Here at SweetLifez, we believe in treating our patients PAINLESSLY. Therefore, do not expect any pills, supplements, injections, operations, massage, physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture to be involved! We use technologies to allow patients to experience relief first before making any purchases. Hence, you do not need to worry about ineffective treatment.


Offering instant relief

Why suffer one second more if instant relief is just within your reach? With the right technology, we are proud to say that we are able to help patients experience pain relief as soon as 30 seconds! Such speed can be seen in knee pain, back pain and even sciatica cases.

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Runs on 3 Fundamental Values


Day-to-day dealings are based on this altruistic value, which includes honesty and transparency.


Loving everyone we come in contact with, from our business partners to our colleagues and most of all, our patients.


"Chase after your passion, not your pension." In SweetLifez, we believe in amplifying our team's individual talents, enabling them to live up to their highest potential to serve and to achieve the ultimate goal in life, happiness.



Meet Dr. Andrew Chiew

Founder of SweetLifez

"Be Different."

A medical doctor is as human as every person on earth, he/she may fall sick at any point in time.


Back in the year 2013, Dr. Andrew was misdiagnosed with pancreatic cancer and nearly underwent a major operation.

This near-death experience has changed his approach in his medical practice. From that moment on, he has pledged to always look for the root cause of the diseases when he treats his patients. 

With this principle in mind, SweetLifez Wellness Centre was founded in May 2017.

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Dr Jasmine Chiew

SweetLifez Wellness Trainer

"Perspire to Inspire."

A medical doctor by profession since the year 2015, Dr. Jasmine has always been preaching the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Ever since she has been a medical officer, she has gone to no less than 100 schools to conduct health talks, passionate in teaching children on the importance of health in hopes of raising awareness. 


Her talks focus on weight management and healthy eating habits. She believes that exercise is for everyone as it provides countless benefits like boosting our immune systems and keeping illnesses at bay.

She walks her talk by exercising regularly, and these include playing the 
badminton and participating in half marathons.

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