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In this Healthtalk, you are going to discover:

1. Can Medications & Insulin prevent the Complications  of Diabetes?

2. Can Diabetic patients stop taking Medications / Supplements / Insulin?

​3. What is the cost of Diabetic Complications?

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“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ”

~ Thomas Edison

Dr. Andrew Chiew SweetLifez Diabetes Doctor

Meet Dr. Andrew

After being misdiagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2013, Dr. Andrew is insistent in looking for the root cause when treating his patients. After watching the Ted Talk of Dr Sarah Hallberg from USA, Dr Andrew is inspired to learn about Reversing Diabetes, and the rest is history. 


Since then, he puts in hours after hours to equip himself with more knowledge of reversing Diabetes. He is now certified under Nutrition Network to advice his patients on LCHF / Keto lifestyle. He is also the first medical doctor in Malaysia to be listed in www.dietdoctor.com


Dr Andrew was interviewed by Bernama TV on 14th Nov 2019 (World Diabetes Day) to share his work on helping Diabetic patients to reverse their conditions. He has also conducted nothing less than 300 health talks in the past 3 years to create the awareness of 'Reversing Diabetes is Possible'.

Dr. Andrew was featured on the BERNAMA TV in conjunction of World Diabetes Day 2019.

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Sweetlifez Reverse type 2 Diabetes
Sweetlifez Reverse Diabetes Programme
Sweetlifez Reverse Diabetes Programme
Sweetlifez Reverse Diabetes Programme
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